Whether you reside in a posh condominium in an urban high-rise, live in a luxury single-family home or townhome in a gated suburban community, or your firm manages a sprawling rental apartment complex, Advanced Security Solutions Residential Patrol Units are trained to provide the security you need for your safety and peace of mind at home.

Our Residential Patrol Officers meet and exceed state and federal training mandates. Each Residential Patrol Officer has more than 100 hours of training, which far exceeds the state of Illinois requirements.

At Advanced Security Solutions we train our Residential Patrol Officers at the highest possible level to provide top-notch services to our clients. Further, our Residential Patrol officers often work hand-in-hand with many local police departments to fulfill your needs.

Legal issues may develop for property owners when unlawful activities take place on private property. The police departments that service these communities are bound by state and federal laws, and will not enforce condominium association, homeowner association and apartment-complex rules and regulations.

Advanced Security Solutions Residential Patrol units will be the peace-keeping entity and enforce the rules, regulations, and bylaws. We also can and will testify on behalf of the communities under our protection in court. (Additional charges for expert witness testimony will apply.) Residential Patrol units ensure your property remains clean and crime free.