Patrol Services

Serving Chicago & Suburbs -- Illinois & Wisconsin

Adding patrol services to your security plan provides a powerful deterrent to crime. Patrol services enable our clients to maximize a security presence without the large cost burden of full-time on-site security services. Instead of paying for a 6 hour minimum you can get an hour or 2 at random times. We work with our clients to customize a plan that fits your company needs and budget. Advanced Security Solutions has been providing the best patrol services in the Chicagoland area since 2005.

Patrol Officers conduct property inspections using highly visible marked and/or unmarked vehicles and on foot, to ensure your premises are secure, doors are locked, and no unauthorized individuals are on site. The Patrol Service can be implemented for nearly any type of property and can be utilized to enforce general laws, your property rules and regulations, parking issues and for response to disturbance and distress calls.

If a situation requires the assistance of more than one unit, our officers have access to a Dispatch Center which can send additional units, police or a supervisor to help, providing added coverage and increased safety. Incidents are recorded and sent to our clients nightly using our in vehicle laptops so there is no question as to what happened and how it was resolved.

Advanced Security Solutions has spared no expense in offering the fastest and most accurate information to our clients. At a moment’s notice we provide fact-based accurate information to the client. Each patrol unit is furnished with on-board computers with access to client databases used for recording events in the field. Our patrol units are also equipped with digital radios to communicate with each other and our dispatch unit.

Mobile Patrol Services
Advanced Security Solutions offers a wide range of mobile patrol services, also known as roving or security patrols. We provide site-wide security for residential gated communities, commercial properties, construction sites, as well as addressing numerous other situations, such as alarm response and emergency response, with services that are customized to your needs.

Uniformed patrol officers in marked patrol vehicles can enhance safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property. Our patrol officers, combined with solutions designed specifically for our clients, ensure the continued security and safety of your employees, guests and property. If an incident does occur on-site, Advanced Security Solutions officers are trained and ready to respond immediately, appropriately, and in a professional manner.

Our mobile patrol officers receive thorough, on-going on-site training, specific to the location and client needs. Daily Activity Reports completed by our patrol officers are submitted to the client management team for review. In addition, incident reports are completed and filed at the end of shifts, if needed. Our supervisors make both regular and unscheduled site visits, and are readily available to our clients.

We train our mobile patrol officers to be vigilant, to identify suspicious behavior, and to address anything out of the ordinary in order to prevent issues before they occur. Our officers remain alert and informed through constant communications with local and state authorities regarding potential threats.