Response & Lockup

Advanced Security Solutions operates around the clock to provide check-up, lock-up and response in the Chicagoland area and in Northeastern Illinois. If your business demands an early-bird work schedule or late-night operations, the open-up and lock-up of your business premises at vulnerable hours can create a security risk. Why not leave it to the experts? We provide all forms of Lock Ups, including truck yards, information-technology centers, swimming pools, cemeteries, laundry facilities, recreation areas, parks and many other types of industrial and infrastructure centers.

We operate 24/7—365 days a year—no matter what time you need the facility opened or closed. During this time we provide a written report of the property’s security status. We note if lights are out, if property damage exists, or if hazards are observed. The report is e-mailed promptly to the client and with pertinent photos attached.

Response. Why pay fines for false alarms? Why be forced to answer a security breach and have to wait for the police to arrive? Advanced Security Solutions professionally trained security representative will respond quickly, assess the situation, then take the necessary action to involve the police if necessary. Most police and fire departments arrive to an alarm and only check the exterior of the business and home. We will check the entire property as well as the interior. We will also lock-up your facility and reset the alarm.

Watch Services. Our highly trained, uniformed mobile patrol is on guard to open-up, lock-up, set and unset your alarm system. This cost-efficient and flexible service can be tailored to meet your business’ schedule and requirements and is available for year-round protection.

Key-Holder Services. We provide area residents with an on-call, immediate alarm response, in addition to vacation-home checks and lock-out assistance. These homeowner services complement existing alarm company safeguards to provide complete home security.