VIP and Executive Protection


Businessmen, political figures, movie stars, corporate executives and other Very Important People (VIP) often are the targets of terrorists and criminals seeking to rob, ransom, make a political statement, or gain media fame or revenge. Without a competent VIP security strategy in place the result can lead to injury or death.

Today, more than ever, the professional Executive Protection Agent is needed to ensure the safety of those under threat anywhere on the globe. The key to minimizing risk is through crafting an advance strategy by visiting all points of a client’s itinerary prior to his/her arrival. Our agents assess threats and gather protective intelligence, and then write a security plan that includes primary and secondary routes, nearest trauma hospitals, safe rooms, restrooms, and all entrances and exits. Agents meet in advance with key personnel at each location and always have back-up strategies ready to avert a possible threat.

Advance Security Solutions has a life or death responsibility to its clients. We carry armed liability and workman’s compensation insurance to shield clients from any lawsuit resulting from potential use of lethal force. Our company minimizes risk and liability, where in-house security will typically be a source of potential liability for an individual or organization.

Advance Security Solutions maintains a library of continuously updated advance information for each client and every location they frequently visit.

Our agents are certified in:

  • Protective Advances

  • Protective Intelligence

  • Radio Communications

  • Motorcades and Routes

  • Firearms and Special Tactics

  • Emergency First Aid (CPR/AED)

  • Counter-Terrorist Driving

  • Explosive-Device Detection

  • Surveillance Recognition

  • Ambush Recognition

  • Post Assignments

  • Cover and Evacuate

  • Counter Surveillance

  • Protective Formations

  • Command Post Operations

  • Access Control and Crowd Control

  • Bomb Incident Management

  • Safeguarding Privacy

  • Threat Management

  • Evasive Driving

  • Investigations